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Let’s face it … growing your portfolio with great deals is not easy.

You’re up against a small army of investors all armed with their softwares, years of experience and secret contacts that give them the properties we all want.

Infinity Investments is here to help you.

Since 2009 we have been helping commercial and multi-family investors find, secure, and close deals to free up their time and enjoy the lifestyle they’ve worked so hard to earn.

Growing your real estate portfolio is only hard when you try to do it yourself.

It’s significantly easier when you can learn and benefit from the experience of commercial and multi-family investors who’ve already done it.

Infinity Investments can help you grow your portfolio by:
Showing you how to make an investment plan that retires you from working for good.
Tapping into our network of off market deals that fit your unique investment criteria
Helping list, market and sell your properties by using custom-built social media, direct mail and call campaigns.

You also benefit from the consistent education pieces found on the Infinity Investments Youtube channel, email stories of past success and failures and all the education webinars for your unique real estate needs.

Featured Properties

2826 Havenscourt Blvd, Oakland, CA 94605

This Mixed-Use fourplex is an outstanding investment as it is fully occupied with all tenants current on their rent.There is a 3bd/1ba & a 2bd/1ba upstairs and two retail spaces on the ground floor, it also has a garage in the back of the lot which would be ideal to convert into a legitimate Accessory Dwelling Unit.The property is generating a 5.8% Cap Rate on current income, and still has a ton of upside in the existing rents.

List Price: $ 799,000

MLS# 40965213

6504 Bancroft Ave Oakland, CA 94605

This Duplex is duly leased with market rents and tenants have been current during the entire pandemic. There is a new roof on the property, a 2-car garage and and a small backyard space. This is an excellent cash flow investment property or an ideal home/investment for someone wanting to House hack and live in one of the units.

Price: $650,000

MLS #: 40967852

6514 Bancroft Ave Oakland, CA 94605

This Fourplex generates a 7.2% cap rate, making it an excellent cash flow producing property. There is one vacant 2BD unit, and the other 3 tenants are all current and paying market rents. Don't miss out on this ideal investment property.

List Price: $825,000

MLS# 40967854

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