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Building Legacies

About Infinity Investments

Building Your Legacy

Let’s face it. Growing your portfolio with great deals is not easy.

You’re up against a small army of investors. They’re armed with software, deal experience and secret contacts who find off market deals every single week.

Infinity Investments is here to help you.

Since 2009 we’ve helped commercial and multi-family investors find, secure, and close deals using our proprietary Infinity Investment framework.

The framework is a special tool that lets investors enjoy the lifestyle they’ve worked so hard to earn instead of constantly worrying about how they’re going to live past retirement.

Growing your real estate portfolio is only hard when you try to do it yourself.

It’s significantly easier when you can learn and benefit from the experience of commercial and multi-family investors who’ve already done it.

Infinity Investments can:

  • Make a unique investment plan for you that will retire you from working for good.
  • Find more monthly cash flow for you in our network of off market deals that fit your unique investment criteria.
  • List, market and sell your properties by using custom-built social media, direct mail and call campaigns.

You also benefit from the consistent education pieces found on the Infinity Investments Youtube channel, email stories of past success and failures and all the education webinars for your unique real estate needs

Infinity Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve GOD’s purpose for our business which is to build a large network of commercial and investment property owners, investors, buyers and tenants whom we serve with character, integrity and a commitment to excellence.

Infinity Mission Statement

Infinity Investments will grow to be an international commercial real estate brokerage & investment firm operating in 25 markets globally. We will continue to operate by the Value Model where will build strong relationships with our clients by providing exceptional value in the process of serving our clients needs and intentions. Our Agents will be the best in the business as they have been groomed through our training system of business development. We will revolutionize the commercial real estate industry by delivering an excellent customer experience while producing institutional grade results for the small to mid-sized Real Estate Investor.

Featured Properties

Infinity Investments Listings

2649 62nd Ave, Oakland, CA 94605

2649 62nd Ave, Oakland, CA 94605

This 5-unit multifamily apartment building is fully-occupied and cash flowing with strong current rents. It’s 2 stories, and has 4 parking spaces.

This property will deliver immediate cash flow returns while maintaining the growth potential in the rents due to having 4 subsidized tenants on HUD’s VASH program for Veterans which guarantees rental collections and even has the ability to obtain rental increases above the allowable amounts for market rate Rent Controlled units.

Beat the street by purchasing this excellent investment property!

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